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Victor Porton sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 10 Jun 2002 04:40:04 +0600

> Hm. Could I ask which to faith / religion you belong? It is certainly NOT 
> mainstream christianity.

I was just an ordinary Baptist. One of false preachers in a Baptist church 
told me that preachers never make mistakes in preaching... and has maid an 
error. I turned 180 degrees and felt onto the floor of the church to pray and 
praise God that from that moment I am free and I know that the faith is only 
on Bible, not on statement of sinners (including all people which proclaim 
church doctrines), and that from that moment I have no any reasons to be such 
a bad Christian like other Christians I know, and being from now free may be 
will become a man of great spirituality. That preacher asked me what happened 
with me (in Russian this also can be translated: what are you?), and I 
responded, I am Luther. (The preacher has thought that I mean that I literally 
think that I am Martin Luther and so am mad :-) )

That second I also decided to find Bible Original and read it by any price.

> I just exchanged a few mails with my Hebrew teacher. He says that even 
> ultraorthodox Bible fundamentalists accept the masoretic vowel system, which 
> has been transmitted to us in a very good and trustworthy way, though one 
> could argue if the vowels are inspired or not. Is this your own teaching or 
> can you suggest books / people to me that I can refer to in order to 
> understand your teaching better?

I mean only that vowels are not inspired. I haven't meant that these are 
transmitted incorrectly. I accept the vowel system in the sense that it is a 
correct description of a people's language, I reject only the statement that 
these limit the sense of God's Word (as explicitly state Judaists, Catholics, 
and Russian Orthodoxes and also these Protestants who are in fact Catholics 
i.e. follow traditions). I also state that keeping translating Bible only 
accordingly masoretic vowels is from devil.

It is a teaching of Holy Spirit! About people which readied Bible without 
vowels, I know for sure only about Watchman Nee (hopefully I wrote his name 
correctly), a native China Christian preacher which is already in the other 
world. (Well, this does not imply that I am agree with him in anything.) I now 
cannot remember any book names.

> > I think I shouldn't be very careful because God has said me "I will
> > separate". Because of this prophecy it seems that someday the projects will
> > be splitten. (I don't know whether it may happen because of religios
> > reasons or just because of some technical ones.)
> This really made me wonder. You know, I and many other people here want to 
> live according to the Bible (you cannot argue about vowels in the NT). And 
> the Bible says:

BTW about NT. Even preserving all the vowels it can be translated differently 
and we get such things as a senseful text about stars in cosmos...

>   Gal 5:19.20 "Now the works of the flesh are clear, which are these:  ... 
> divisions, false teachings"
>   I Cor 1:10	 "Now I make request to you, my brothers, in the name of our Lord 
> Jesus Christ, that you will all say the same thing, and that there may be no 
> divisions among you, so that you may be in complete agreement, in the same 
> mind and in the same opinion."

Oh, also a without-vowels citation from OT, "It is blessed by the Word of 
Jehovah, speaking: in My war I will separate" = "It is blessed by the word of 
Jehovah, speaking in My war I will separate" = "It was happened that speaking 
the Word of Jehovah in My war I will separate" = "It was happened that I will 
saw by the Word of Jehovah, speaking, in my War I will separate" (It is 
Leviticus 10:3). There are also several other translations. It is that 
fragment from here I got the prophecy about the separation. I will not explain 
why I decided that this is about my ministry.

What is the source of the supposed forking? Martin, stop here and guess the 
answer before reading further. In this I am only a prophet which predicted the 
separation in a future. *You* are the man accomplished the prophecy. Yes, I 
can deny the splitting but only by one way, i.e. by stopping my work. Again 
the analogy with Luther which was excommunicated because of writing religious 
information as I am doing now and rejected to deny, but he haven't separated 

This separation in any case would happen at some time. By my letter I only 
caused it to happen faster, not to happen instead by not to happen by. 
Happening later, I think it may be even worse, as the projects grow and more 
things may be made separated.

So, what I do? I tell citations from Bible and these now began to cause 

I want that all Christian in the same mind would read Hebrew Bible without 
vowels and believe!

> That does not mean that we must always agree on every thing. But seeking 
> divisions is very problematic in my opinion, and certainly a work of the 
> flesh rather than the spirit.

Seeking... this word has several senses with subtle differences. Firstly, I 
seek divisions in the sense that I _look_ around to find how the prophecy will 
be accomplished. Whether I try to _cause_ divisions? Hopefully, I only speak 
the Word knowing that it will cause these. If not, it is most probably a sin.

> Given that you are a priori _aiming_ at division, plus trying to spread false 
> teaching, I am sorry to tell you that your contributions to BibleTime are NOT 

Good that now you are more concrete. Hopefully, I aim divisions only in that sense as somebody may aim to burst an airplane with people because of a danger virus in that plane without the aim to kill people. I only reject the vowels in people's Bible. But if I cannot erase the vowels from Bibles (vowels are a virus), I may need to get rid from being under control of that people, what causes these to throw me away (a separation).

You haven't *proove* that the concept is false!

P.S. I would find also some citations from (with-vowles) Bible commiting that sometimes true senders of God destroy something and cause separations, but this would be just a spend of time. (I think you just can remember these citations yourself.)
Victor Porton (porton@narod.ru)