[sword-devel] Preferred XML Schema

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 06 Jun 2002 23:37:54 -0700

n8 wrote:
> I am not directly involved with the Sword project, but I thought I could
> pick up some wisdom from you guys.  I am working on web based scripture
> project, and am using XML for communication of scripture (and other
> data) between flash front end and php/mysql.  Rather than invent my own
> way to do this, I would like to follow some other already created
> schema.  I noticed THML, XSEM, and OSIS.  How do these compare?  What is
> the reason you prefer and are choosing OSIS?
> Thanks,
> -=nathan

ThML is good for doing electronic versions of exisiting printed texts. 
It inherits basically all of XHTML, so there are a lot of elements and 
it not a very constrained content model.  It's also not especially good 
for the Bible itself.

XSEM is good for doing Bibles alone.  Its aim is to encode Bibles that 
will go into (primarily) print but it doesn't inherit XHTML.  It seems 
to be SIL's replacement for SFM.

OSIS is good for Bibles and everything else as well.  Although the 
primary emphasis is on Bibles right now, other works tend to be either 
similar in complexity (commentaries) or simpler (everything else).  OSIS 
  should learn from the strengths & weaknesses of ThML, XSEM, and many 
other standards, both scripture-related and not, so that it is a much 
stronger standard.  But I think one of the main reasons we prefer OSIS 
is that it Troy & I are both involved in it, so we're able to voice our 
needs and preferences as it is being created.  In theory, if we have 
complaints after it is finished, we have only ourselves and our lack of 
foresight to blame.