[sword-devel] We need XML parser

David Burry sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 6 Jun 2002 04:04:45 -0700

By the way, I hadn't meant to "step in it" by chiming in on this topic, so
please pardon me, just that XML stuff interests me...  I was just looking
back at the history of Victor comments here and realizing I probably should
have just kept quiet ;o)   Anyway, _if_ sword ever does start to lean more
toward complete XML parsing in the future, you might be interested that
Expat is about 1/50th the size of Xerxes, and does build on a lot of
platforms though I'm still not certain it's as many as sword....  There may
be other better ones I don't know about yet but that one is my favorite at
the moment due to its efficiency... ;o)


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> At 11:35 PM 6/5/2002 -0700, Chris Little wrote:
> >  So... we will never use a full DOM parser because we don't need the
> > capabilities of a DOM parser.  It would, at times, be nice, but it's not
> > worth the increase in binary size
> This is a good point regarding the weight.  Some of them are not full dom
> parsers however, but more lightweight things, that's what I'd prefer to
> used since that's all we'd need.
> >  or the headaches of porting other people's libraries to new platforms
> > for them, which would be almost inevitable.
> This is a good point.  However, some of them are being ported to more and
> more platforms...  Remember the simpler it is the easier it is to port.
> Anyway, as always, my blabber is just a suggestion... which may or may not
> be followed for various reasons of course... ;o)
> Dave