[sword-devel] mac os x client - need new developer

Nathan Youngman sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 2 Jun 2002 22:24:10 -0600

Hi everybody,

As some of you know, I was working on a native Mac OS X client for Sword 
in Cocoa/Objective-C. As it turns out, I'm selling my iBook and it will 
probably be a few months before I get a new Mac.

If someone wants to work on the project, my Sword folder (excluding the 
modules and Sword API from CVS) is in a 7MB file called LastSword.sit on 
my iDisk.


I was in the middle of HTML rendering, and never got that working 
properly. There is also an icon that I don't yet have permission to use, 
so it should be removed.

I will be unsubscribing from this list later this week, but you will 
still be able to reach me by email with any questions. 

- n8

Nathan Youngman
Email: contact at nathany.com
Web: http://nathany.com