[sword-devel] Searching and copyrights.

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I will respond with the curiosity question of if sword is going to be made
to read other formats which is a wish list item in my opinion, what about
Bible Explorer files.

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> Could we eventually get copyright holders (NIV, NASB, etc.) to market
> Sword
> for us and cover all the issues relating to module distribution and
> royalty
> payment, etc.?  If Sword were so polished, we could go to these companies
> (I won't make moral statements as to the right to hold these licenses),
>  and we could get them their own modules, with all the bells and whistles.
>  They could sell the modules at any price that they thought was fair, but
> they would be so inclined to distribute Sword with it because there would
> be nothing better.

Could sword be augmented to read the file formats of some of the existing
Bible software out there?  Here is what I mean:
* I see the major strength of Sword to be the vast number of translations,
commentaries and lexicons that can be used at once and cross referenced.
* I don't really see "free" as the most important issue here
* Zondervan made available (for a while at least) a free download of a NIV
bible in their Zondervan Reference Software package.
* If sword could read ZRS files, then I could use a legal NIV along with the
many public translations that are on the sword web site.
Now I understand that ZRS is a complex file format, and probably secret. (I
havn't been able to figure it out with just a quick look).  But you can
purchase bible texts in the STEP format (is that the right abbr?), which is
well documented.