[sword-devel] Searching and copyrights.

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I hate to agree with Daniel because it means more work for you guys, but 
sometimes I do need to see the verse before and after the verse listed to 
know if that's the exact one I'm searching for.  The "Back" key does 
suffice, and you might want to put this on back burner because of that. 
 It's more of a bell and whistle to me than necessary.

On a different issue, but I feel tied in with the above...

Could we eventually get copyright holders (NIV, NASB, etc.) to market Sword 
for us and cover all the issues relating to module distribution and royalty 
payment, etc.?  If Sword were so polished, we could go to these companies 
(and I won't make moral statements as to the right to hold these licenses), 
 and we could get them their own modules, with all the bells and whistles. 
 They could sell the modules at any price that they thought was fair, but 
they would be so inclined to distribute Sword with it because there would 
be nothing better.

Thus, each copyright holder would handle all the fees and payment issues 
for their own modules.  They would advertise Sword for us because there 
wouldn't be anything better.  (Also, why would they want to spend all the 
time and money programming their own Bible reading program?)

Sword stays in the non-profit arena.

I know I'm rambling, but maybe this will spur some more discussion.


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	Thanks for the suggestion.  I agree that context is essential for
Biblical study.  I'm not sure I completely agree that the preview panel
at the bottom of the search dialog should include context.  This panel
is intended to let you find the verse for which you were searching.
Single-clicking previews the verse in the preview window;
double-clicking shows the verse in the main Bible text window in context
for study.  Let me know what you think.


Daniel Adams - infoChi wrote:
> A suggestion I had when doing a search, using the BetaM version, is 
> to the search window and how it displays its verses. I had not had this
> thought before, but not have the idea now since the font is increased and 
> the same time of a selected verse after performing the search. My 
> is relating to the bottom window, since the font is enlarged above, I am
> going to suggest showing the previous verse and the next verse, sort of 
> a bible window, in the bottom pane along with the selected verse. This 
> provide Students of all levels of expertise (like myself) to view the 
> in context while in the search window. In some ways, this has been what 
> caused problems with various religious groups.
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