[sword-devel] mod2zmod problems

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 13 Jul 2002 18:26:21 +0200

> Regarding footnotes.  We have a mechanism in place to allow footnotes to
> be separated out from the verses.  Look for the frontends to begin using
> these once we finish all the filters for the different markups.  Coming
> soon hopefully!


would it not be better to wait with the entyattribute stuff until the sword 
api is redesigned (2.x -- not talking of BibleCS)? 

IMHO a unsound mix of filtering and direct acess would be created if we would 
start using this thouroughly now, because those are very different approaches 
to access the text. Before doing this, we should probably switch to OSIS 
internally, and then redesign the api to give it a more consistent and 
flexible approach. The entryattribute stuff seems to be much similar to the 
ontag mechanism you planned for sword 2.x.

Please correct me if I am wrong here, I might be misinformed.

Btw, do we have the list of sword "module.conf" keys online? I would like to 
submit it to the wiki.