[sword-devel] NIV electronic licencing

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My suggestion, although some people (For example, the ones who I write
papers targeted to) don't know about it much, is to use the RSV, I am
grateful that Sword has it available for us to use.

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I agree 100%, but I'm not sure what version would be the replacement.
The NIV and NASB are very good, the KJV is pretty poor by today's standards.

Greg Marine wrote:

>Just my two cents on licensing...
>I'm so frustrated by the fact that "God's Word" is licensed at all. I
understand that money had to be involved with the translating/publishing
process, but the fact texts like NIV is "licensed" means profit. I'm
beginning to sway away from such versions and translations and moving
towards public domain texts. I'm doing the same with Windows to Linux. I've
even paid for a distribution just because of the freedoms in the GNU GPL
>Anyway, as I said, it's just my two cents. Thanks for listening to my
little rant :-)
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