[sword-devel] win32 beta L

Stephen Denne sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 6 Jul 2002 23:56:30 +1200

> > Cheers. Feature request: can the currently selected module be
> selected in
> > the font selection box?
> I am not sure what you mean, could you exaplain a bit further?

If I'm viewing IGNT, and wish to change its font, I chose teh Options
Preferences Menu, Switch to the Display tab, click on Select Font, then I
have to click to open the Biblical Texts subtree, and scroll down till I
find IGNT and select it before I can change it's font. Can the tree be
presented with the Biblical texts already expanded, and IGNT already

> > ... such as defaulting to current selected text.
> This release will have basic preliminary printing features. I have a lot
> more planned for the next release but it takes time to do things right so
> this feature maybe added after this release

Yes, I understood that this was the case... it's looking really good so far.

> > currently selected font
> I plan on actually allowing settings to be saved as default this will
> include the font. I am guessing you want this so that the unicode modules
> will use their font? I should think about this a bit more if that is the
> case.

I think there should be integration between the font printed for the
selected module, and the font selected for display for unicode modules, or
for non-unicode modules.

> > using cm instead of inches when appropriate
> I am curious when would this be appropiate?

Well, I've discovered that my tape measure does actually have inches on it,
but I doubt if I've got any other rules around that have inches on them,
they all show centimeters. It would be appropriate when the user's regional
control panel preferences have the measurement system set to metric.

Users of metric systems are use to Microsoft converting things all the time
instead of storing what is entered, including certain values that grow
larger every time you click apply, presumably due to converting to inches or
points or picas, or whatever, then converting back with a loss of precision,
so I guess we could do that too if it was easier.

> > refreshing list of fonts when loaded to include newly added ones.
> I use a lib called RxLib for the Font combobox I don't know that
> it would be
> very benificial for me to change the source code for this to
> allow for this,
> since adding fonts and using sword at the same time may only
> happen once in
> a thousand times. Maybe I misunderstood your request though.

I agree it's a rare situation, but I mentioned it because I didn't have
code2000 installed, so I installed it. It then appeared next time I went to
change font used to display the module, but it didn't appear in the list of
fonts available for printing the module. I expected the same behaviour from
the two controls.