[sword-devel] win32 beta L

David Trotz sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 5 Jul 2002 21:36:26 -0700

Thanks for taking the time to look at our betas. We really appreciate it!

> > Sorry for the short cycle on the last release.  Fixed the
> > font selection
> > box problem.  Sorry about that.  It was a neglect on my part to change
> > something before compiling.
> Cheers. Feature request: can the currently selected module be selected in
> the font selection box?

I am not sure what you mean, could you exaplain a bit further?

> ... such as defaulting to current selected text.
This release will have basic preliminary printing features. I have a lot
more planned for the next release but it takes time to do things right so
this feature maybe added after this release
> currently selected font

I plan on actually allowing settings to be saved as default this will
include the font. I am guessing you want this so that the unicode modules
will use their font? I should think about this a bit more if that is the

> using cm instead of inches when appropriate

I am curious when would this be appropiate?

> refreshing list of fonts when loaded to include newly added ones.

I use a lib called RxLib for the Font combobox I don't know that it would be
very benificial for me to change the source code for this to allow for this,
since adding fonts and using sword at the same time may only happen once in
a thousand times. Maybe I misunderstood your request though.

>Displaying right to left texts right to left.

Oops, I had this included but I moved it so it only works when you turn on
paragraph formatting. I will fix this thanks.

> Printing: Tried printing AraSVD Gen 1:1-31 ... Printer sat churning for
> ages, but nothing ever printed. (Apple Laserwriter pro 630)

Hopefully this is fixed. Let me know when I get my new stuff in. Should be
soon, probably Monday.

> Printing: Asked to print from AraSVD again with Arial Unicode MS, then
> changed font to Code2000, then previewed... program exited.

Fixed this. I noticed this too, it was an error on my part.

> Feature Request: Can the current cursor position not follow the mouse?

That is Troy's domain but I have a feeling not, because the cursor tracking
is used for the hint pop-ups.

> Please forgive me if a lot of these have already been pointed out... I was
> without my primary PC for over three weeks, and decided to skip rather
> read 300 odd emails to this group.

No problem, please keep the input coming our way.
In Christ,
David Trotz

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