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Daniel Glassey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 5 Jul 2002 18:54:40 +0100

Hi Jeff,
Sorry also for the late answer. I'm here, and also hang around #sword on irc.openprojects.net 
from time to time.

A good thing to start with would be to download wxWindows and have a look at some of the 
samples. www.wxwindows.org which'll show some things it can do. We'll develop from the 
development snapshot 2.3.2

I need to rush, but I'll try and work out what comes next later if you are interested.


On 5 Jul 2002 at 12:28, Sven Vollbehr sent forth the message:

> Hey!
> Sorry for the late answer. I've been buzy with preparing to the army.
> First of all I need your sourceforge login so that I can add you to the 
> project (you get the CVS access + more). Secondly you might wish to read 
> the documentation (available at www.spatha.org). It helps you to fully 
> understand the project. Then you may just start coding any part you wish.
> Daniel Glassey will lead the project so if you have any practical 
> question like how to do something, contact him (danglassey at ntlworld 
> dot com). For the next couple of days I will answer my email as well, 
> but after monday I'm gone. Dunno if they have an internet connection at 
> the army.
> Sirenly,
> Sven
> Jeff Collett wrote:
> > Hi,
> > So how does one go about getting involved in this work? How do I get in
> > contact with Daniel and where are the specs?
> > Thanks
> > Jeff Collett