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Sven Vollbehr sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 05 Jul 2002 12:28:42 +0300


Sorry for the late answer. I've been buzy with preparing to the army.

First of all I need your sourceforge login so that I can add you to the 
project (you get the CVS access + more). Secondly you might wish to read 
the documentation (available at www.spatha.org). It helps you to fully 
understand the project. Then you may just start coding any part you wish.

Daniel Glassey will lead the project so if you have any practical 
question like how to do something, contact him (danglassey at ntlworld 
dot com). For the next couple of days I will answer my email as well, 
but after monday I'm gone. Dunno if they have an internet connection at 
the army.


Jeff Collett wrote:
> Hi,
> So how does one go about getting involved in this work? How do I get in
> contact with Daniel and where are the specs?
> Thanks
> Jeff Collett