[sword-devel] Translation template / German translation

Christian Renz sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 5 Jul 2002 15:15:58 +0800

I got sort of into a translation-frenzy yesterday :-) and created a
few files. You'll find them all at


because I didn't want to bother everybody with them.

Here's a description:

- blank_back.bmp / blank_search.bmp 
  Bitmaps without text; only icons. I moved the icons a bit down. They
  can be used if you can't create bitmaps for your language, but you
  are bothered by the english text.

- de.conf / de_back.bmp / de_search.bmp
  Files for the German translation
- new_terms.txt
  I found some (66 or so) terms in the software which are not
  localized yet, but I decided to include them in the translation
  already. They are in de.conf and template.conf; I just put the names
  in there for reference (mostly for the software developers)

- template.conf
  A file without translations; you can easily add your translations

- template_back.psd / template_search.psd
  The Photoshop files I used for the German bitmaps. Just in case
  somebody else can make use of them. If you are working on a
  translation and need help with the bitmaps, you can drop me a line
  if you want.

Note: I used the following filenames for the bitmaps


This could also be changed to a bitmaps/ subdirectory of uilocales.d/
if it is desired.

I also took the liberty to add a Translator key to the conf-file. The
idea would be that whoever changes a translation just changes that
field to his name also. I thought it might be a good idea so sw
developers/future translators can contact a translator if there are
any questions. If you feel it's unnecessary, just leave it away.

Hope this is helpful! I am used to using english software, but it is
nice to see Sword in German, and it helps me to recommend it to people
with a weak command of English. I hope to see many more translations
soon :-)


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