[sword-devel] Geneva notes / Gill's Expositor

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> > The Geneva notes seem to be badly formatted.
> I hadn't seen these problems, and can't find any with a quick look - do
> have some references?
> I don't like the appearance of the footnote letters as normal letters -
> isn't what you are referring to is it?
> I'm not sure how much effort it is worth spending tidying up this module
> until after we move to a html renderer.

Maybe so.    There is the problem with the footnotes - they're
pretty awful as single letters set apart only by spaces.
The other thing, though, is I do find that it seems to have
hardcoded returns in the text... such that if you open up
the commentary window wider, sometimes you get the
paragraphs to line up reasonably so that there are none
of what appear to be double and triple spaces between

> (Are we going to do such a thing?
> Does anyone know when? Are there things that can be done to this module
> will be of benefit both now, and when we use an html renderer?)

> > PS - also, does anyone have Gill's expositor working? Mine
> > won't install - or rather, it installs, but even though my CONF
> > files correctly point to ./rawcom/, I don't get a Gill tab.
> Mine is showing up - it was a while ago that I downloaded it, but the
> DataPath in my .conf file is:
> DataPath=./modules/comments/rawcom/gill/
> The current windows program doesn't show enciphered modules that do not
> the CipherKey entered (It does list it in the "Hide/Show modules" window
> though.)

Man!  I'm sure that's what it is.  I never entered the unlock.
Now if only I can find that file with the keys in it. :(


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