[sword-devel] Geneva notes / Gill's Expositor

Stephen Denne sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 21 Jan 2002 00:36:15 +1300

> The Geneva notes seem to be badly formatted.

I hadn't seen these problems, and can't find any with a quick look - do you
have some references?

I don't like the appearance of the footnote letters as normal letters - this
isn't what you are referring to is it?

I'm not sure how much effort it is worth spending tidying up this module
until after we move to a html renderer. (Are we going to do such a thing?
Does anyone know when? Are there things that can be done to this module that
will be of benefit both now, and when we use an html renderer?)

> PS - also, does anyone have Gill's expositor working? Mine
> won't install - or rather, it installs, but even though my CONF
> files correctly point to ./rawcom/, I don't get a Gill tab.

Mine is showing up - it was a while ago that I downloaded it, but the
DataPath in my .conf file is:

The current windows program doesn't show enciphered modules that do not have
the CipherKey entered (It does list it in the "Hide/Show modules" window