[sword-devel] RawVerse::gettext etc

Aivo Prükk sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 18 Jan 2002 20:15:08 -0200 (GMT+2)

18.1.2002 Daniel Glassey wrote:

>>According to this bug on sourceforge
>>gettext is already defined as a macro in Redhat 7.2 gcc (see 
>>src/utilfuns/regex.c for what it probably is). Looks like it would be best to 
>>rename the gettext functions in rawverse, rawstr, rawstr4.
>>It already has a different name in zverse (swgettext), but I'm not convinced 
>>this is the most intuitive name it could be.

Thank You!
I renamed gettext to swgettext, and build was successful.

But what problem is, when I can't see any texts with frontend 
programs(BibleTime,GnimeSword)? Only in bible modules are verse numbers 
shown, and book information too as tooltips. So modules are loaded, but no 
body text.

Aivo Prükk
URL: http://aivo.bik.ee