[sword-devel] Bug: Install Manager Traps on Install

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 17 Jan 2002 18:58:19 -0800

Grab the latest InstallMgr beta from
tallMgr.exe .  This should fix the CathEn and ISBE errors.  I'm not
aware of the Gill module having ever caused a problem, so let us know if
that one still isn't working.  And if I'm wrong in assuming you aren't
using the latest beta, let us know that too, of course. :)  But the
crashes caused by downloading RawLD4 modules (like CathEn and ISBE) was
the main reason for updating InstallMgr.


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> Subject: [sword-devel] Bug: Install Manager Traps on Install
> I posted a bug report on the SourceForge, but wasn't sure if 
> it would be sent out or not. I decided to send a note myself. 
>  In addition, I have found two more modules that trap on 
> installation and crash the Install Manager. The suspect modules are:
> [Gill] John Gill's Expositor  (locked)
> [CathEn] The Catholic Encyclopedia (unlocked)
> [ISBE] International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (unlocked)
> The Install Manager crashes immediately after selecting 
> Install. The remote site that I have been installing from is 
ftp.sword.cx, Repository Directory, /pub/sword/betaraw

My system is a 450 Mhz running MS Win Me. I get the following message on
Filename: VWIN32 (05) + 000012D0 ERROR : 0E : 0028 : C02A44A8

Steve Wilson