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On Tuesday 15 January 2002 01:25, you wrote:
> On Monday 14 January 2002 21:02, chris wrote:
> > On Monday 14 January 2002 06:49, you wrote:
> >> On Sunday 13 January 2002 10:00, chris wrote:
> >>>>> Yes, It would seem even jes-s supposedly did.
> >>
> >> Odd. Hyphenating jes-s after the reverent fashion of a Messianic Jew but
> >> apparently not convinced that Messiah is Messiah, as foretold. Please
> >> explain?
> >
> > I am converting to become a Jew and it is very common for Jews not to
> > spell out the names of pagan gods. And NO I do not believe that jes-s is
> > the messiah.
> Hmm... I guess you'd onkly be interested in OT modules then. I've always
> wondered, who does someone in your situation identify as the beaten,
> bruised, plain-looking and murdered but peaceful servant/saviour of Isaiah
> 53 (referred to in 1Peter 2:24, quoted here from the KJV):

The servant referred to is Israel. Notice that the servant is identified many 
times in the text of Isaiah (ch 41, 44, 49, others).

> >>> As this is the sword-devel list I do not wish to get into a argument
> >>> over this. I was merely pointing out some well known facts.
> >>
> >> In other words, hit-and-run point-making? If they're so well known as
> >> facts, why has debate ensued?
> >
> > Sorry, I thought that pilate being quite ruthless and not having that
> > particular custom was well known.
> Ruthless, yes, but not totally, and politically he did have some clues.
> Washing his hands of Jesus was a believable attempt at compromise,
> pacifying one band the irate locals without a potentially offensive (to
> other locals) direct act.

It is known from historical documents that Pilate never had the custom of 
releasing a prisoner on pesach.

> Is it possible that this information is only ``well-known'' with certain
> Judaic circles?

No, it has even been reported on the discovery channel.

> It has the ring of one of those assumed-truth arguments, the ``but of
> course'' or ``as everyone knows'' throwaway. I'd check, if I were you.

I have. 

> Cheers; Leon

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