[sword-devel] Problems making SWORD module...

Chris sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 08 Jan 2002 14:25:45 +1100

Actually, I find the Sword commentary window to be very annoying in that
it only displays a verse at a time. Shouldn't it display a whole chapter 
just like
with the bible module and highlight the current verse?

The thing is, if I have these commentaries that apply to several verses, 
what do
I do? Add them to each verse they apply to? Or only to the first verse? Both
options are lame in their own way which is why I think it is right to 
see a whole
chapter at once and make it more like the real thing.

>addvs doesn't handle this.  It probably wouldn't be too difficult to
>check if a verse already contains data, then add to it and create a new
>entry if so.  
This is pretty lame. What if someone implements the above scheme, at least
as an option? If I append the multi-verse commentary to every verse then
it would appear multiple times in the text (very lame). If I append it to
only the first verse then if I search for comments on a particular verse
I might miss it.

It seems to me that Sword should be understanding this concept so that it
can handle it intelligently.

>You would then want to clean out the excess entries, such
>as by running mod2zmod on the module.
I don't know what this means.

>I guess you could download one of the Windows .zips from CrossWire and
>replace the data.zip enclosed in it with one that uses your module's
>files & directory structure.  We don't handle single file installers
>because we have InstallMgr, which makes installation even easier.
Let me put it this way... In what form do you accept the data from 
I would have thought it pretty convenient that there would be some form
that these things can be moved around as one file - an extreme example -
maybe people in the 3rd world don't have internet connections and need to
get modules from friends. And maybe they don't use Windows either.
Shouldn't there be a platform independant, one-file distribution format?