[sword-devel] Problems making SWORD module...

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 7 Jan 2002 19:03:20 -0800

> I'm working on this little project to make an NIV study sword 
> module. What I'm wondering is, there are commentary passages 
> that apply to a range of verses like... Tit 2:11-14 ..... Tit 
> 2:11 ..... Tit 2:12 .... Tit 2:13 ... Tit 2:14
> Now if I add each of these comments with addvs, the 2:11-14 
> comment gets obliterated by the 2:11 comment. How am I 
> supposed to handle this??? I would have hoped that the 11-14 
> passage would be visible on all applicable verses.

addvs doesn't handle this.  It probably wouldn't be too difficult to
check if a verse already contains data, then add to it and create a new
entry if so.  You would then want to clean out the excess entries, such
as by running mod2zmod on the module.
> Also, to get it working I manually copied the directory and 
> .conf file into the places where they apparently go. But it's 
> not clear to me how I package the lot up into one file 
> suitable for installing.

I guess you could download one of the Windows .zips from CrossWire and
replace the data.zip enclosed in it with one that uses your module's
files & directory structure.  We don't handle single file installers
because we have InstallMgr, which makes installation even easier.