[sword-devel] Re: GnomeSword & cyrrilic

Terry Biggs sword-devel@crosswire.org
14 Feb 2002 15:16:28 -0500

On Thu, 2002-02-14 at 11:57, Andrew Ivanov wrote:
> Greeting from Bulgaria!
> Some months ago I found the sword project and I tried to install
> gnomesword. Unfortunately I could not. At that time I was "making my first
> steps" with Linux and any problem was a reason to give up the idea of using
> a program. 
> Recently I managed to install and configure sword 1.5.2-2(rpm)+gnomesword
> 0.5.2c-2(rpm).
> Well even now I prefer the rpms, since when compiling from source it is
> difficult for me to understand what's missing, and where the error is. ;)
> So, first of all, I'm to tell this is verry interesting software. 
> I'm also impressed that someone has prepared a package with a bulgarian
> bible.
> Well, it took me some time to find a proper font to display the text in
> bulgarian (strange is the unicode fonts I have do not work !??), but it now
> looks verry good.
> Unfortunately I cannot search :(
> When I search on the results page is written:
> 0 Occurrences of
> ""
> found!
> First I decided the problem is in my k/b configuration, but when I
> installed the windows version of the sword project I got the verry same
> problem.
> Can you give me an idea:
> I think it is swords problem since sword is the back-end for these apps
> (unles gnomesword searches the texts by itself). Am I following the right
> clue? If not can you point me the possible causes for this problem?
> Andrew
> PS. There's another problem, bothering me - when I try to close the
> Shortcut bar on the left side of the screen, The program starts working
> verry slowly.
Yes this is a built in problem (a really bad bug) it will be fixed in
the next release.


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