[sword-devel] Why Sword?

Daniel Glassey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 12:00:49 -0000

On 11 Feb 2002 at 21:11, David White sent forth the message:

> - When downloading modules, there are two types of downloads, "raw", and
> "windows". I suggest there should be a download in .tar.gz format,
> called a "unix" download. It should contain a Makefile, which will
> automatically install the module, rather than requiring the user to know
> where to put the files.

Good idea, just need to decide where to put the files. I assume /usr/share/sword is 
the right place since that fits the FHS?
It also needs work on the website jsp that puts the modules together.

> - It would also be good to have RPMs, as this is a widely used format
> under Linux.

again that's a good idea. I've written scripts that automatically create DEBs for all the 
modules, but I don't know anything about how to do that for RPMs.

If someone could write a generic instructions for one module I could hack it together 
with the other scripts to build all at the same time maybe. (if/when the scripts get onto 
the new server)

Oh, and there's the same issue as above about where to install files.


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