[sword-devel] Why Sword?

David White sword-devel@crosswire.org
11 Feb 2002 21:11:44 +1100

On Mon, 2002-02-11 at 14:45, John Stovall wrote:
> But for third world missionary efforts in my opinion the
> emphasis of Sword needs to be turned towards very easy to use
> Linux modules.

I concur. I have a couple of suggestions for making Sword easier to
install and use:

- firstly, the website, I notice it has been improved since last time I
looked at it, however I still find it a little hard to navigate around.
In particular, the "software" link should have it's name changed to
"download" in my view. Whenever I go to a page with oss/free s/ware on
it, once I have decided I want to obtain the software, I immediately
look for that word; I think most people do the same. Also, I think the
links should be slightly bigger and more prominent.

- When downloading modules, there are two types of downloads, "raw", and
"windows". I suggest there should be a download in .tar.gz format,
called a "unix" download. It should contain a Makefile, which will
automatically install the module, rather than requiring the user to know
where to put the files.

- It would also be good to have RPMs, as this is a widely used format
under Linux.