[sword-devel] Voice ... Java?

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 10 Feb 2002 14:01:12 -0800

> I made my own programm, BibVoice because ...
> - I wanted to add multimedia TTS capabilities,

It is interesting that you should mention TTS.  We may work on adding
support for transliteration to IPA in the next version of icu-sword,
which could be quite beneficial to those who can read IPA.  From IPA, I
think it will be fairly easy to pipe text into Festival or similar to
generate speech.  (I realize Festival doesn't understand IPA, but it
could either be modified or the text could be transliterated again into
a Festival-tailored latin phonetic transliteration.)

> - I wanted to have the possibilities to saves reférences of 
> verses lists.
> 	in a *.lst file
> 	MT 24 : 36-39
> 	MT 25 : 1-12
> 	....

Once Troy writes the bookmark stuff he's planning for 1.5.3, this should
be simple to add to a frontend.
> I would like to have a program in Java and XML, as java works 
> on Mac, and use XML well formats.

Sword compiles on Mac too. :)