[sword-devel] Voice ... Java?

Joachim Ansorg sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 10 Feb 2002 16:14:59 +0100

Hi Eric!

I hope you still know me. Joachim from Germany :)

> - I wanted to add multimedia TTS capabilities,
> - I wanted to have the possibilities to saves reférences of verses lists.
> 	in a *.lst file
> 	MT 24 : 36-39
> 	MT 25 : 1-12
> 	....
> - I made tools to build some concordances automatically

This should be possible with Sword, too. Going through every verse and 
creating a lexicon qutomatically from this should work (but I never did it).

> - I dislike a conception (bug ?) with tools like vpl2mod.exe, which bring
> out some fault like
>   Not a valid KJV ref: I Timothy 5:60
>   Do I care for the KJV? Why should it be a reference?

As you may know, Sword does only support the KJV verse scheme. But the 
support of other numbering schemes are planned for the future.
"reference" because the beginning of each line is used to determine for which 
verse the text on this line is.

> I would like to have a program in Java and XML, as java works on Mac, and
> use XML well formats.

AFAIK OSIS will be XML. As you may know (Chris mentioned it in his first 
post) OSIS is a standard format for Bibles (I believe), which is still being 
Chris also wrote, that a Java port is being developed. AFAIK it's related to 
ProjectB which is on sourceforge.net, but I'm not sure about this.

> I am still deceived that Crosswire was not interrested in the new modules I
> made.
> If the modules I did, are not incorporated in Crosswire, I will rewrite and
> distribute my own programm.

I understand that you may have the impression that Crosswire doesn't care for 
user created modules. But this is not true.
You may know that Crosswire has big server problems at the moment (as far as 
I know www.crosswire.org was cracked and a  new server is being installed and 
configured). I'm almost sure that this is the reason why nobody cared about 
your modules. Sometimes we have to nerve on sword-devel to be noticed ;)

As soon as crosswire has working everything again I'm sure you can upload 

But I'm still interested which modules you have for the Sword project. You 
have not mentioned which modules they are.

I wish you God's blessings!