[sword-devel] Why Sword?

Jerry Kreps sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 10 Feb 2002 08:49:56 -0600

On Sunday 10 February 2002 04:27, David White wrote:
> (1) Searching in Sword is slow.
> (2) Sword is difficult to install.

You hit on the two most important complaints about Sword.

I went to your website and downloaded and installed your Bibleread 
and every bible/dictionary/studyguide you had on your site.
Installation was a breeze and Biblereader is certainly lightening 

I especially like the sychronization between the search list and the 
bible/dictionaries.  Something that BibleTime used to have in earlier 
versions but lost. (IIRC).

I noticed two minor twits with Biblereader
1)  No icon
2)   View --> Searching toggle button seems to be backward.  When it 
is up searching is visible and active, when it is down, it is 
invisible and thus inactive.

Your app is spartan (little eye candy) but very functional.    
Overall, it is an excellent tool.  I like the active annotation and 
the jumpback feature...  although I did notice that clicking on one 
annotation crashed the program.  I tried it again and it didn't 
crash...  intermitent bug... tought to find.

One suggestion:
It is trivial anymore for folks to download 10 - 600 MB of data.   It 
would be nice if you offered a tar file that included all of your 
current downloads and also include a script that installs everything 
at one time.    Am I being lazy or what?  :-)

Again, a great job!