[sword-devel] Bibletime RPM's

Brook Humphrey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 28 Dec 2002 16:39:28 -0800

On Friday 27 December 2002 09:29 pm, Timothy R. Butler wrote:
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> Hi Anthony,
>   I think there is already a good RPM for BT on MDK 9.0. Texstar (of
> PCLINUXONLINE.com) has a package that works very well for me atleast. :-)
>   Blessings,
>           Tim
sorry for taking so long I usually do them but my mandrake box is running the 
texstar kde 3.1 rpm's I have built bibletime and sword for kde 3.1 but dont 
really want to go back to the 3.0 code branch. So If you want them I have 
them and they are done corretly. Also I just repackaged allot of the modules 
as rpm's. It has been many years since I've redone them and now well I'm 
redoing them all. I've got about 20 of them done right now.

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