[sword-devel] Software Solution for Taking Payments and Sending Out an Unlock Key!

Jonathan Hughes sword-devel@crosswire.org
17 Dec 2002 19:10:09 +0000

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Hey Guys,

	I got an e-mail today from a publisher that was interested in
distributing their work for use with The SWORD Project. When I send them
our permission request letter I give the following four options:

1) We offer your translations for free download with no restrictions.=20
As we exist as a ministry, this is the most desired option.
2) We offer your translations free for personal use, or with other
restrictions in the copyright notice.
3) We offer your translations encrypted and CrossWire or you can give
out the unlock code.
4) We give you the modules that work with our software and you can offer
it from your site under whatever terms you desire.

	Here is where I need some pointers from you guys. CrossWire does not
want to be involved in the financial matters of exchanging money for
modules so we only offer to have the publisher setup a way to take the
money and send out an unlock code (most likely via e-mail) and we host
the module. However the publisher that I got an e-mail from today would
like to know how to setup the mechanism to send out unlock keys upon
receiving the fee. I would like to be able to at least give them some
ideas of where to start, what software solutions might be of use to
them. Whether these solutions are just software that they can buy and
use or is a service that they can pay for. So what are people's ideas? A
solution for these publishers, remember many of the publishers that do
not know how to setup something like this are small publishers so they
don't have a big budget. Thanks for any tips people have.

In Christ,
Copyright Coordinator

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