[sword-devel] Collaboration efforts for a front end

Brian Pribis sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 13 Dec 2002 14:22:34 -0700

Hey quit reading my mind!  I was thinking the very same thing.  Has 
anyone got the stuff to compile on windows outside of Borland?  I tried 
vcpp 6 and 7 but it loses its cookies real quick like (I just tried it a 
couple of times and may not have things set up quite right yet)?  I 
think wxWindows would be a good bet and would be willing to work with 
you (or anyone) doing a pilot to see how it goes.  Maybe just getting up 
a reader for the bible modules with search features and then cross 
compiling for a few systems to see how it goes.  


Brian Yoon wrote:

>With regards to Sword for Windows, BibleTime, & GnomeSword:
>Just some questions and thoughts...
>1) Has anyone considered using a cross-platform toolkit like wxWindows
>for this project so that we all can work on the same code, be able to
>compile on different platforms, and still maintain the look and feel of
>each respective OS?  wxWindows is great and this would allow all of us
>to contribute to the same project.  This would eliminate the need to
>re-invent the wheel for each OS.  Therefore, instead of working on just
>an OS X port, we could port the existing front-end to wxWindows and then
>use it on all platforms.
>2) Are the goals for each of these different (ie. is one focused on just
>providing a Bible study tool and another focused on providing a
>full-featured Bible study and analysis tool like BibleWorks)?
>3) If someone wants to see an open source versin of a full-featured
>Bible study and analysis tool like the commercial software, BibleWorks,
>developed, what are the major components that are needed to be developed
>(ie. databases on morphologies, parsing, etc.)?
>-Brian Yoon