[sword-devel] Collaboration efforts for a front end

Brian Yoon sword-devel@crosswire.org
13 Dec 2002 14:24:17 -0600

With regards to Sword for Windows, BibleTime, & GnomeSword:

Just some questions and thoughts...

1) Has anyone considered using a cross-platform toolkit like wxWindows
for this project so that we all can work on the same code, be able to
compile on different platforms, and still maintain the look and feel of
each respective OS?  wxWindows is great and this would allow all of us
to contribute to the same project.  This would eliminate the need to
re-invent the wheel for each OS.  Therefore, instead of working on just
an OS X port, we could port the existing front-end to wxWindows and then
use it on all platforms.

2) Are the goals for each of these different (ie. is one focused on just
providing a Bible study tool and another focused on providing a
full-featured Bible study and analysis tool like BibleWorks)?

3) If someone wants to see an open source versin of a full-featured
Bible study and analysis tool like the commercial software, BibleWorks,
developed, what are the major components that are needed to be developed
(ie. databases on morphologies, parsing, etc.)?

-Brian Yoon