[sword-devel] kjv2003: two splits needed?

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 05 Dec 2002 09:47:42 -0700

	Leave a note, we'll tag it manually.  It's much easier to hit these few 
cases manually than modify the software to allow multiple splits. 
Thanks for asking.


Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:
> In Rev 1:9 there is "kai adelfos hymoon" which is translated "who also
> am your brother". I think that "adelfos" is "who am brother", but then
> it should be split twice because of "also" and "your". How to solve
> this?
>   Sincerely Yours,
>       Eeli Kaikkonen <eekaikko@paju.oulu.fi> Suomi Finland