[sword-devel] clean bible or bad phantasy?

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Thu, 05 Dec 2002 05:06:06 +0500

> The scriptures actually address these issues.
> 1)  Christ himself (and the apostles) quoted the septuagint (as opposed to
> the original hebrew) as authoritative.

Jesus Christ himself never quoted septuagint (except of probably rare cases 
when He spoke with Greeks).

Apostles in The Authoritative Texts really quoted septugiant, but

1. They quoted only some fragments of septugiant, not all of it.

2. AFAIK (I haven't yet checked, if I mistaken correct me.) the quotes from 
septugiant in NT are not literal but sometimes somehow changed. This does not 
add authority to septugiant.

3. BIBLE NEVER MISTAKES, BUT Paul epistles utterly CONTRADICT (!!) to 
Apostol's Acts speaking in Bible about whether people who was with Paul heard 
voice but not seen light or vice verse. But that place when Paul speaks the 
preaching it is a quoted (by Luke) speaking, not a direct saying of Bible, 
Paul surely messed here. Bible never mistakes (as opposed to man's who 
participated in its writing such as Paul) and never contradicts to itself: The 
correct is version of the Paul's epistle (where Paul is mistakeless co-author 
with God, while in Acts the co-author is Luke and Paul isn't and Paul mistakes 
in preaching). So, you have no foundation to refer to sayings of apostles as 
authoritative, even reverse, we all mistaken.

> 2)  Everything WE do is mixed with ourselves, whether it is preaching,
> giving, singing, or praying.  Yet it the scriptures teach us that for
> Christ's sake, they are accepted.  Even when imperfect (and they always are)
> in themselves.

I don't know this teaching. I believe in ZERO errors of any kinds in Bible.
Victor Porton (porton@ex-code.com)