[sword-devel] Genbooks Galore! -- UPDATE

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 01 Dec 2002 14:54:01 -0700

> 1. Did I understand correctly that we are usually not fixing spelling
>   mistakes in module texts, but rather asking the source to fix them,
>   then convert again? I let spelling mistakes alone, but fixed some
>   section headings that were empty and also nested wrongly. Is that
>   okay?

I would say that fixing them (to make them consistent with the published 
work) isn't a _bad_ thing, but we would rather have them fixed in the 
source, so that when THEY update their text and WE reimport, we will not 
need to correct again (and other projects will be able to take advantage 
of the correction).

Spelling mistakes in the published work *should not* be corrected in our 
electronic work.

> 2. The modules contain several tags that BibleCS doesn't understand,
>   but BibleTime does, namely: h1, ..., h6, ul, li, p align="center",
>   font size="+1" (They are valid ThML also, I think). Should I change
>   them to suit the lowest-common denominator (e.g. change <h1> to
>   <p><b>...</p></b>)?

We'd like them to work in both frontends, but I think a more productive 
way to accomplish this would be to look in 
sword/src/modules/filters/thmlrtf.cpp  It should be fairly 
straight-forward to add support for these new tags (with an RTF 
reference page on your screen).

I'm excited to try some of these!


> Have a blessed Sunday, everyone!
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