[sword-devel] Genbooks Galore! -- UPDATE

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I would like the text as you marked it up too.  That way I can make 
corrections as I use these new modules.  I have been working on "War on the 
Saints" by Jesse Penn Lewis, but haven't had a chance to finish the mark-up 
yet.  I would also love to release "The Syrian Christ" when I get that 
done, but it probably won't be copywrite free for some time since it was 
written in 1916.  I have been scanning pages, but again haven't had time to 


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Thanks for the quick feedback, everyone. I'm not too familiar with
module procedures here, so please bear with me while I learn :).

I made some corrections to the config files:
- Added the copyright tags
- Changed language tags to "en" rather than "en-us" (Note: "en_us" is
  *not* a valid language tag according to RFC 1766).

Also, the modules are now on the Sword Beta server
(ftp.sword.cx:/pub/sword/betaraw/), and the zip file can be found at
http://www.crosswire.org/~crenz/new-genbooks1.zip . (The old URL was
missing one directory, so the file could not be downloaded. Sorry!)

Regarding Augustine's Confessions -- I will compare the German text
and the English translation more thoroughly. I'm not sure whether the
chapter divisions are different or whether they left out something in
the middle, because the Book 1/Chapter 18 corresponds to Book
1/Chapter 20 in the German version (both are the last chapters in the
first book).

Lastly, I have two questions about module-making policy:

1. Did I understand correctly that we are usually not fixing spelling
   mistakes in module texts, but rather asking the source to fix them,
   then convert again? I let spelling mistakes alone, but fixed some
   section headings that were empty and also nested wrongly. Is that

2. The modules contain several tags that BibleCS doesn't understand,
   but BibleTime does, namely: h1, ..., h6, ul, li, p align="center",
   font size="+1" (They are valid ThML also, I think). Should I change
   them to suit the lowest-common denominator (e.g. change <h1> to

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone!


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