[sword-devel] Beta Z bugs

Daniel Freedman sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 28 Aug 2002 22:33:06 +0200

Points to consider:

Sword is looking Good however there are some points to ponder:

1. Catholic Encylopedia & Josephus' Works do not download and cause errors,
causes Install Mngr to crash... (win xp pro)

2. The locked module interface is extremely un-userfriendly, and the
dialogue for locked modules should be included in the sword part, not the
download part, since people may wish to download a whole batch of different
translations and include one or two locked modules, only to be stopped by a
nagging message asking you to key in the code.  BTW I can't test further
since I don't have the keys :)

3. It is unclear which glossary is chosen for the glossary popup, if so, it
doesn't work at all and provides the incorrect popup for words: "thee"
brought up some wierd glossary on Chaldean for example.

4. Colours, the overall windows colours should be compatible with windows,
on windows xp the window colours look ugly.

5.  There needs to be a far clearer indication of which module is selected
in each of the 3 categories.

6.  "Preferences" should be under "tools"

7. the various options are clumsy, and should be grouped in a more logical
manner - transliteration, vowel pointers cantillations - maybe by language,
Hebrew under a subheading, rather than simply lumped together

8. The Toolbar should be windows based, and there should be more buttons

9.  Changes to the reference in any format should auto-update (without the
need to press enter)

10. for texts like Enoch and the Quran, it takes a long time to load...you
need better handling here

11. a Windows GUI for converting a personal commentary into a module is
needed...and it needs to be included  in the Personal Commentary toolbar

12.  A Personal Commentary toolbar should be available instantly when moving
to it, enabling a click to delete, edit, etc. the actual edit toolbar needs
work - a full justify button, plus the usual, save, delete and exit buttons
should be there...  its a bit un userfriendly and some of the symbols are
not clear (what do the down arrows mean for instance?)

13.  On this subject, it would be great to have a personal glossary/lexicon
as well - the same idea, and also the ability to have a "one-click" module
conversion option....

14.  For inclusion, I recommend that people should have standard - BDB,
Thayers, RSV, personal, TSK and Perhaps WHNU with NA27 Variants, the BHS as
well....thats worth it, and quite frankly, everyone else is doing the KJV &
MHCC included, and generally people have it anyway, and they can install
it...rather be different and include some texts of real use....

15. Its my personal opinion, that having a tiny window between "bible" and
"lexicon/dictionary" windows should be available for footnotes...

16. perhaps underneath the toolbar - we could have a nice heading
bar....(something like outlook express)

17.  too many modules is getting a problem...it would be helpful to further
subdivide them in terms of language - perhaps allow the user to create a
preference list, with the ability to call it up as needed - something like a
library with specific modules - Hebrew Modules - BHS, Aleppo, Modern Hebrew
for example...

18.  Install manager downloads one module at a time.

19. Copying Unicode to a program like word is a problem, it doesn't work

20. There should be an option to alternate between RTL and LTR in the

21. Perhaps the second way of referencing (typing it in) should be done away
with...its not necessary if you have the other one..and it changes

22. There needs to be better error handling, if a module doesn't work, the
conf. file should automatically be moved to a spare directory, and the
program should be restarted, or a better warning message given...or both....

23.  A distinction between commentaries and other texts (enoch/BoM/quran)
needs to be in place...perhaps force the other texts onto another row...
same with the watchwords/daily readings as opposed to dictionaries and
lexicons - having so many modules is getting irritating at having to find
the right one (and yes i need many of them open at once...)...

Thats all for now...that should keep people busy

Daniel Freedman

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