[sword-devel] Beta "Ya"

David Trotz sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 19 Aug 2002 00:30:24 -0700

  Hey Beta Testers! Got another Beta posted. Not a lot new, I just added 
the Per Module FontSize to the Module Font Selection Dialog box. And I 
added another color scheme catagory Search Results so play with it and 
let me know of any bugs. I also looked a little at the localization 
files and changed some lables Troy and I had decided to change a long 
time back but neer did cause of the localization files that needed to be 
updated. So please if you have submitted a localized config file check 
it and update the following entries:
"Save Screen Layout" = "Autosave Screen Layout"
"Save Other Bookmarks" = "Autosave Other Bookmarks"
"Save Personal Bookmarks" = "Autosave Personal Bookmarks"
"Module Type" = "Window Type"
"Text Font" = "Text Styles and Colors"

"All Windows","Bible Window","Commentary Window","Lexicon/Dictionary Window"
Added these to the previous string list
"Pop-Up Windows","Search Results"

While I am at it I just want to extend a BIG thanks to the folks who 
submitted localized config files. You are helping Sword reach even more 
people who would otherwise not get the opportunity to use Sword because 
of language barriers. May God Bless you. I know Troy shares my heart in 
this and I am sure he too extends his deepest thanks to you as well.

I am gonna call this release "Ya" cause Z I hope is going to be a 
release candidate which we should be near but I figure I will let Troy 
release Z when he feels it is ready :)


In Christ,
David Trotz