[sword-devel] qpsword suggestions

Jordan Wiens sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 15 Aug 2002 12:24:19 -0500 (CDT)

Just a few comments on qpsword, which I love.

bookmark organization; is there any way to create bookmark folders and
sort/organize bookmarks instead of just making one big list; this is a
really good feature I wish qpsword had.

I already mentioned to scribe that the cancel button doesn't close down
the application, but minimizes it.  I'm going to look into the qt
programming myself (I'm learning it little by little) to see if I can come
up with anything, but figured I'd mention it here again too.

Is there any way to save the last chapter/verse that was visited for a
particular book?  Another bible program for my palm I used to use did this
and it was a really really nice feature that was very subtle, and very
convienant.  That way you can flip back and forth between different
passages quickly and easily without reselecting or re-typing where you
were and without cluttering the bookmarks.

This last one may be a tricky one to fix, but when the input is popped up
or down when viewing a chapter, the display is reset to the top of the
chapter instead of where you were actually viewing it as.  I expect this
is a quirk of QT and not something easily overcome, but should be