[sword-devel] win32 beta S

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 01 Aug 2002 10:55:10 -0700


> Many of the bugs I've reported are still not fixed

Yep, you are very thorough in your reports!  We seem to hit the most 
critical bugs first and many things you report are things that would be 
nice to fix, but are not necessarily showstoppers.  All that to say 
THANKS FOR REPORTING THEM.  Believe me, they are still on my list of 
things to do.

>, eg font size chosen for
> LD index,


> search results column resizing leaving artifacts,

tried to reproduce a few releases ago and couldn't.  I'll try again on 
the latest.  I'm on win2000.  What os are you using againg?

> search results displaying unable to be used until completely drawn (try searching for a
> single space, you'll see what I mean.),

this requires new functionality that is not planned for this release.

> pointing at verse numbers resulting
> in strongs definition for that number appearing.

Also known, but current logic states that if a word is all digits, then 
it is assumed to be a strongs number.  We might build a word attributes 
structure in the future to all all kinds of other stats about a word, 
but currently out logic is cheap.  This current behavior is the planned 
functionality for the next release.

> Also bug reported by
> others, when selecting the last verse in a chapter, the commentary shows the
> entry for the next chapter, verse 0 instead.

Module bugs will be addressed after the software release.  But again, 
thanks for reporting them.

[ new bug list snipped ]

> I'm willing to assist with actually fixing module bugs (rather than simply
> finding them.) ... data conversion and data integrity are some of my areas
> of expertise.

This is great news!  We would LOVE help in this area.  This is the next 
major issue I had planned to tackle, but would love for someone else to 
take this on or help out.  Let me know what questions you have and what 
platform and tools you are used to using.