[sword-devel] win32 beta S

Stephen Denne sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 2 Aug 2002 00:01:27 +1200

> I think we're getting close.  There are many suggestions we haven't
> implemented and want to, but I think we have most all the bugs licked.
> Keep your great feedback coming.

Many of the bugs I've reported are still not fixed, eg font size chosen for
LD index, search results column resizing leaving artifacts, search results
displaying unable to be used until completely drawn (try searching for a
single space, you'll see what I mean.), pointing at verse numbers resulting
in strongs definition for that number appearing. Also bug reported by
others, when selecting the last verse in a chapter, the commentary shows the
entry for the next chapter, verse 0 instead.

> In this release:
> Me and David tag-teamed the Search Module Select mechanism.  It's not
> bad for a first cut.  Try it out and let us know what you think.

Quite nice.

Search window saves size when maximised as maximised size, not restored
Module selected in choose module doesn't get updated when main window search
button is selected. This causes a problem is following scenario: have search
window not maximised, use Choose Module tree to select a module to search
in, do a search, click on background sword window, change to a module
different from the one you just searched in, click the search button, do a
search (the newly selected module is searched, which IMHO is correct) use
the Choose Module tree to select the module you previously searched in -
this is where the problem is - that module is already 'selected' so it
doesn't register a change, and the current module isn't changed. Performing
a search now results in a search over the same module as you just searched
over, not the module selected in the Choose Module tree.

Descenders on the text in the search results are getting cut off.

> Text fontface color fix.

I can't get current verse colouring now.

> Other minor fixes that we've probably forgot.

Found some more bugs (not necessarily new to this beta). I can't control the
current verse with the keyboard, and after pressing arrow keys, I can't use
Alt-shortcuts for menus.

I'm willing to assist with actually fixing module bugs (rather than simply
finding them.) ... data conversion and data integrity are some of my areas
of expertise.