[sword-devel] broken Gnomesword installation

Jorge Chacon sword-devel@crosswire.org
11 Apr 2002 22:52:34 -0600

> You should have a hidden directory '.GnomeSword' delete it and run
> gnomesword again. It should start with the setup druid. Note if the
> druid finds your modules.
> Let me know what happens.
> Terry

That did it, thank you very much.  All modules were now located.  Do I
have to do the same thing if I install more modules (which I am sure
to), or will they be automatically loaded now?

Also, I have a problem with the SpaVNT module... instead of vowels with
tildes, I get "\'e1" and similar codes.  Also, at the end of each verse
there is a "\".  I do not get the same problem with the SpaSEV or the
SpaRV modules, so I do not think it is an installation problem.

Should I contact anyone in particular regarding this?

God bless,