[sword-devel] broken Gnomesword installation

Jorge Chacon sword-devel@crosswire.org
11 Apr 2002 16:07:26 -0600


As a perfect newbie to Linux and Gnome, I installed sword 1.5.3 and the
latest version of Gnome-sword... without a hitch.

It all worked, but I had not installed any modules, so I downloaded the
module zip files, moved them to the directory according to the
instructions, unzipped them... and everything got ugly.

Now, when I try to run Gnome-sword, I get a segmentation fault error,
which I think means I installed something the wrong way.  Unfortunately
I do not have the expertise to un-install what I installed and redo it,
or to fix what I have.

Could anyone please help me?

God bless,