[sword-devel] BC++Builder

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 05 Apr 2002 12:56:09 -0700

	Where did you get the source code you are using?  Have you tried the 
latest CVS?  Here's a link to CVS howto for windows:


	Let me know if this has trouble for you as well.  Have you installed the 
upgrade patch for bc++builder5?  It may be found on Borland's site, here:


	Hope we can get you working.  I noticed that I might not have added a 
couple new files to the swordlib project in the utilities directory-- 
SWCacher and GreekLexAttribs.  If you get linker errors, these two files 
need to be added to the swordlib project.  Latest CVS should take care 
of this, though.

	Hope this gives ya some idea what to try.


Brian Albert wrote:

> Thanks for your help, Troy.  Unfortunately I can't open those .bpg files 
> you mentioned.  I get an error that says "PROJECTS macro in project 
> group file missing or incorrect".  I tried compiling from .bpr files, 
> but I keep getting compiler errors.  By the way, what is the RxLib and 
> how do I install it?  Part of the problem is that I'm still learning the 
> ins and outs of Builder.  A lot has changed since BC++ 4.5.
> At 09:56 AM 4/2/02 -0700, you wrote:
>> Brian,
>>         There are .bpg files in the tree that should enable you to 
>> compile
>> things.  Offhand, I know that there should be a
>> sword/utilities/bcppmake/utilities.bpg  There should also be a
>> swordprj.bpg in the sword/apps/windoze/CBuilder5/BibleCS directory, but
>> you may need to install RxLib to compile.  Not sure about this-- you
>> want to try without it first.
>>         Hope this helps.  Looking forward to your contributions!
>>                 -Troy.
>> Brian Albert wrote:
>> >
>> > Can someone please give me instructions on how to compile the source 
>> code
>> > with BC++ Builder 5 after doing an ftp download?  I recently 
>> upgraded to
>> > Builder from Borland C++ 4.5.  I'd like to be able to compile the 
>> utilities
>> > (addvs, vpl2mod, etc) as well.
>> >
>> > Thanks.
>> >
>> > Brian Albert
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