[sword-devel] the red letters

Nathan sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 1 Apr 2002 16:32:27 -0700

Thanks Chris, I will take a look at ISV. I think I have both RTF and 
HTML options open to me, but I'm still learning Cocoa so I'm not 
entirely sure. I could parse the HTML myself if necessary though.

Images would be nice, but kind of throw my design a bit. I think they 
belong in a separate window from the main text stream... so then it 
would be necessary to parse the HTML anyway, as opposed to just 
dumping it all in a window.

- n8

>  > The next thing I want to look at is formatting the text for each
>>  chapter. I looked through the KJV module and didn't find anything to
>>  indicate "the red letters." Anything being done on this?
>>  It doesn't seem like there is too much formatting, except superscript
>>  verse numbers - that shouldn't be too difficult.
>Try the ISV that is in the beta area for our (I believe) most richly
>marked text.  I don't recall whether the current KJV has words of Jesus
>in red or not, but Troy is working on a new public domain version of the
>KJV with Strong's numbers, morphology, and such, and we will be sure to
>get words of Jesus marked.
>If there is an HTML widget that you can use for display, you will be
>happiest in the long run. Images will be making their way into modules
>soon, along with other markup that we probably won't feel like filtering
>into RTF or PS or such.  Then you can just use the HTMLHREF filters to
>get nice HTML output from Sword.

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