[sword-devel] the red letters

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 1 Apr 2002 15:11:41 -0800

> The next thing I want to look at is formatting the text for each 
> chapter. I looked through the KJV module and didn't find anything to 
> indicate "the red letters." Anything being done on this?
> It doesn't seem like there is too much formatting, except superscript 
> verse numbers - that shouldn't be too difficult.

Try the ISV that is in the beta area for our (I believe) most richly
marked text.  I don't recall whether the current KJV has words of Jesus
in red or not, but Troy is working on a new public domain version of the
KJV with Strong's numbers, morphology, and such, and we will be sure to
get words of Jesus marked.

If there is an HTML widget that you can use for display, you will be
happiest in the long run. Images will be making their way into modules
soon, along with other markup that we probably won't feel like filtering
into RTF or PS or such.  Then you can just use the HTMLHREF filters to
get nice HTML output from Sword.