[sword-devel] More Splashes

Ford J. Shortland sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 25 Oct 2001 12:02:08 +1000

Hi yall!

I know I dont put much into this, but is there or are you able to make a
splash screen for linux, and if so, why not exclude the "for windows" part
all together, and use it for both OS's... Also, I am just one of those
weirdos who thinks, "Well look at that! Its the Sword Project for Windows!
And all this time I thought I was using a mac! I'll be a monkeys uncle!!" :P

Picky arn't I!

Also, is it just me, or has sum of the clarity been lost with the
brightening of the background text?

Other than those few queries, I'd go with 18 or 20. I rather like 20, it's,
ummm... easier on the eyes, has good justification, not too dull, not too
bright, and, if it has to include the "for Windows" then it is the most
bareable. :P Anyhoo, I'll shutup now!


Yours in Christ,
Ford J. Shortland

God Bless You All!!! =-)

P.S. Yall doin a terrific job! Great work everyone!