[sword-devel] Splash Screen for The Sword Project for Windows

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 23 Oct 2001 03:29:04 -0700

Troy's one and only criterion (I think) was that the layout be something


So if you took #3 and set "PROJECT" as right aligned, like

S  W  O  R  D

then that would fit.

I think there's a problem with having black text in the foreground
overlapping black text in the background.  It kind of makes the
foreground text appear to have a strikethrough when the background text
goes through the middle of it.  My suggestion would be to use a warm
tone for the background like the pink/red of David Trotz's logo.  But if
you want to stick to cool tones, adding blue until the background text
reaches a light indigo like the central burst would probably work too.

A completely different direction might be for the background to feature
different scripts that we support, or just the more prominent Biblical
scripts, Greek, Hebrew, & Latin.  BibleWorks, ICU, and Unicode all
feature this sort of artwork in their logos, covers, etc.

Just some thoughts.  If no one likes them, please ignore. :)