[sword-devel] New Website, Changes and HowTo

Timothy R. Butler sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 20 Oct 2001 17:56:06 -0500

Hi Chris,
> >   I was just curious, is there a reason you are using jsp's?
> > I've had very
> > good success with HTML w/ SSI's and Perl for accomplishing
> > most things, and
> > APACHE works out of the box with SSI's...
> It's mostly because Troy wanted them. :)

  Ah, sounds reasonable. :-)

> We had everything running with HTML & SSIs, but there's not a whole lot
> you can do with them.  JSPs let us do anything Java can do, which is an
> awful lot.  Perl isn't well suited to our purpose, which is basically
> the ASP/JSP/SSI style of adding special tags to embed code in otherwise
  Yeah, that makes sense. What I meant with Perl was embedding a Perl script 
into the code via an SSI exec call, but that is still less efficent then 
directly placing the code in the same file.

> normal HTML.  PHP would have worked, but the Servlet engine was already
> installed.  We also need JSPs to interface with the JSword stuff to
> serve modules.

  That is a really interesting idea, thanks for giving me a better idea of 
what the JSP's are used for. I will have to check out the CVS module some 
time and see exactly what JSP code looks like.


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