[sword-devel] icu-sword

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 12 Oct 2001 13:04:13 +0200

Hey Chris,

thanks a lot for all your good work.
One question: will it also work if a user downloads and installs the clean 
IBM icu on his own, od does he have to use icu-sword?


> I've added a new cvs module on crosswire.org called icu-sword.  This
> will house our custom version of ICU, although it won't vary greatly
> >from the official version of ICU.
> Currently it contains ICU 1.8.1 with some modifications.  The only
> modification in the source directory is to one line in a VC++ makefile.
> All other changes are in the data directory.
> The most notable change is that all locales and non-algorithmic
> converters have been removed because they were huge and mostly useless
> to us.  Other than that, the Unicode data has been updated from 3.0 to
> 3.1 and some changes have been made to the transliterators.  I
> added/updated transliterators from the cvs of ICU 1.9 and icuapps.  And
> I wrote tranliterators for Greek <-> BGREEK, Greek <-> BETA, and Hebrew
> <-> BHEBREW.
> I have compile tested the current cvs on Win32/VC++ and gcc on Red Hat
> 6.  Other platforms & compilers supported by ICU should have no
> troubles.  I will be working on Borland project files for the common and
> i18n libraries, but not the data library unless it becomes apparent that
> the VC++ build won't work with Borland.
> The whole icu-sword tree is about 16mb, but will gzip down to 3mb, so I
> suggest using -z9 when checking out. :)
> --Chris