[sword-devel] icu-sword

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 12 Oct 2001 01:58:19 -0700

I've added a new cvs module on crosswire.org called icu-sword.  This
will house our custom version of ICU, although it won't vary greatly
from the official version of ICU.

Currently it contains ICU 1.8.1 with some modifications.  The only
modification in the source directory is to one line in a VC++ makefile.
All other changes are in the data directory.

The most notable change is that all locales and non-algorithmic
converters have been removed because they were huge and mostly useless
to us.  Other than that, the Unicode data has been updated from 3.0 to
3.1 and some changes have been made to the transliterators.  I
added/updated transliterators from the cvs of ICU 1.9 and icuapps.  And
I wrote tranliterators for Greek <-> BGREEK, Greek <-> BETA, and Hebrew

I have compile tested the current cvs on Win32/VC++ and gcc on Red Hat
6.  Other platforms & compilers supported by ICU should have no
troubles.  I will be working on Borland project files for the common and
i18n libraries, but not the data library unless it becomes apparent that
the VC++ build won't work with Borland.

The whole icu-sword tree is about 16mb, but will gzip down to 3mb, so I
suggest using -z9 when checking out. :)