[sword-devel] Sword exporter (Diaspora)

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 10 Oct 2001 07:54:47 -0700

Another new version.  Same location as last time:

- New icon. :)

- David pointed out some problems with resizing that were fixed.

- In the case of plain text output, the byte order mark is output as the
first 3 bytes.  This signals that the file is UTF-8 and not ASCII.  So
you can output a Greek text, load it up in notepad, and it will display
Greek, not Latin-1 garbage.

- For ThML and plain text output, when an entry spans multiple verses,
the range is indicated instead of just the first verse.  This roughly
triples the time it takes to process a module, but I feel it's a

- For Palm Bible Reader output, when an entry spans multiple verses or
when verses/chapters are skipped, the exporter will try to make empty
verses/chapters to maintain verse alignment.  It doesn't create empty
verses following the final verse with contents in a chapter, so you will
still get lots of warnings in Poetry's converter, but they shouldn't
cause any problems.  I tested with the MHCC and it worked pretty well.

- David also requested the ability to export only portions of a module,
so I implemented that also.  It will take anything that Sword can parse
into a ListKey, but things like "Gen-Deut", "Mat-John",
"Isaiah-Malachi", "Psalms", etc. are what I expect this will be used
for.  Don't be too ambitious with the commentaries though, because it
appears there are some verse length limits in the program--it couldn't
certain entries from the complete MHC.